New blogs on Fridays from now on

It’s regular updates from now on.

A friend who knows about these things has persuaded me that regular updates are the best way forward for this site.

Whilst I’m spending much of my time now cooking, testing, eating and writing recipes for my next book, that isn’t going to cover the more ordinary everyday food that we all eat. Now, the vast majority of the vegetables my family eat come from Phil Mizen (known to my children only as Saladman – pronounced as a super-hero like Superman or Spiderman). And I’m expecting that the majority of my blogging, and especially the recipes will reflect the weekly bounty that he brings to our door every Friday.

This week, we have a magnificent squash (crown prince variety), a tight head of January cabbage, along with the usual winter roots of beets, carrots, parsnips, potatoes with muddy onions and fat bulbs of garlic making up the rest. He had the decency to look a little apologetic for a particularly big bag of sprouts – no matter my son loves them.

So have a look next Friday to see what I’ve done with this lot, and with luck other interesting things will be happening too.

Phil Mizen is at and on twitter under the same name.