Seven bowls of Goulash


I went to Budapest to discover how the Hungarians really ate their Goulash. It turns out, it’s not what you think it is. It’s much better than that. I hope you like the film.

Tim Halket’s Seven Bowls of Goulash from Tim Halket on Vimeo.

My thanks as always to my brilliant producer Juliet Baird, and Alan Deakins, and Finn McCleave.

New movies page


I’ve just started another page on here called movies. Grandly titled, they’re more like videos. Some shaky home-shot stuff, and occasionally a real proper film.

This one is a beatifully made video portrait (of me) by Will’ Terran. My thanks to him and, as always, to Juliet Baird for being the best producer.


Video Portrait from Tim Halket on Vimeo.

Masterclass in tying British Bangers

Well, I’m obviously not going to give it all away here on the blog - I’m still writing up the complete guide to making sausages for my next book. But, what I can show you is how to tie up a classic butchers string of sausages.

I spent an hour or so with Vince from Humphreys in nearby Clare. He’s an excellent butcher and patient tutor – I’m a lousy pupil. The trick is to make a loop, and tie that onto the string – sort of like pulling a U-shape from the whole length and then knotting that onto the string. Whereas, what I kept on doing, was making a loop which somehow left me having to thread a six foot length of sausage through that loop. Disastrous.

If you’re making sausages at home you can always do it like the southern Europeans do and loop a length of string around the sausage at appropriate lengths. Or, simply do what the Cumberlanders do – ignore the situation completely.

Obviously my apologies for the quality of the sound recording – I took this quick video so I could re-play it again and again whilst writing up the technique. I thought it was so fascinating, mesmerising even, that I should put it up on here.

You’ll have realised, of course, that I am the one holding the camera whilst Vince ties the sausages.

Vince demonstrating how to tie a string of British bangers from Tim Halket on Vimeo.